About Chad W. Veich

I have been a model builder all my life and began my career as a professional model maker in 1999. In the intervening years I have worked for two large branding companies as well as a number of smaller model making firms. I have done small projects for individual architects, built massive scale models for clients as large as the Starwood and Marriot hotel chains, and even worked on a large project for the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I've enjoyed them all! However, due to the roller coaster nature of the industry, I have found that working for a single entity is not necessarily ideal. That is why I have chosen to free-lance and provide my services to established model shops around the country. If you have an increased work load that demands the services of an experienced model buider on a temporary basis, that is the niche I am attempting to fill. I have been involved with all aspects of model design and construction and can take a project from inception to completion. I have worked alone and have been the lead model maker on projects with dozens of people involved. I can take on entire projects or provide individual elements for your in-house models. I have considerable experience working with sub-contractors and so I am familiar with the pitfalls and frustrations of working at long distances. I pride myself in having the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure my individual elements will integrate smoothly into your finished product with as few issues as possible. Last, but certainly not least, I take great pride in my finished work because I love what I do and I value a good reputation. A picture is worth a thousand words so I would like to invite you to visit the gallery for a look at some of my previous work.

Thank you and best regards,
Chad W. Veich