Listed below are some of the services I regularly provide. If you have a special model related need please feel free to contact me to discuss it.

2D and 3D CAD Design
Using client supplied CAD files, blueprints, photos, sketches, and other media I can engineer a model to any level of detail required. From simple mass models to full detail museum type models, for build up or to be 3D printed.

Finished Models
Architectural and topographical models, prototypes, study models, museum models, and more.

Architectural Elements - Kits
If you need any sort of architectural elements, be it complete buildings or smaller detail items, I can create a kit to be assembled by your craftsmen to whatever standard you desire. These can be designed by me or kits can be created from your engineering drawings.

Architectural Elements - Assembled
Any architectural elements you may need, assembled and painted to whatever level of detail and finish you require.

Mold Making and Casting
If you need custom made details for your particular application I can accommodate.

Vacuum Forming
Custom vacuum forming services, including plug construction if necessary.